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Program Name M.Tech in Data Communications & Networking
Level Post Graduation
Program Specific Enquieries 0863-2344735
Admission Enrollment and General Enqueries 0863-2534646,0863-2534468
HoD Contact Number 9440020660
Program Description:

With proliferation of cells phones, wi-fi technology, VOIP there is a need to create expertise in data communication and networks. These specialists will be able to create system for computing anywhere. More over Internet of Things becoming a reality it is very important to create specialists to handle embedded systems, networking, wireless, data communication, protocol engineering, network programming, and computing anywhere. Many of these applications are developed as APPS and hence a deep understanding of data communication and networking is inevitable. Vignan University offers such unique course to cater to the demands of the societal human resource needs.

Professional Outcomes:

The students will become professionals with advanced knowledge of the respective field who can serve industry, R&D organizations and can take up an academic career, including further studies in a relevant Ph. D program.

Work Experience,Internships and Research:

We have tied up with some industries to offer projects and internships to our students. This should help our students to have hands on experience and knowledge of the industry environment.

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