Power System Operation & Control

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  code: EE01U6601
  Level: Under Graduate
  School/Faculty: ELECTRICAL
  Semester Offered: VI
  Credit Value: 4
  Subject Queries: 0863-2118305
  Prerequisites: ---


The course discusses some very important aspects of power system operation like economic operation with the objective of minimizing the cost of generation, power- frequency control, reactive power control and voltage stability.



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Economic Operation of Power Systems: Optimal operation of Generators in Thermal Power Stations, - heat rate Curve Cost Curve Incremental fuel and Production costs, input-output characteristics, Optimum generation allocation with line losses neglected. Optimum generation allocation including the effect of transmission line losses Loss Coefficients, General transmission line loss formula.




Hydrothermal Scheduling : Optimal scheduling of Hydrothermal System: Hydroelectric power plant models, Scheduling problems-Short term Hydrothermal scheduling problem.




Modelling of Turbine, Generator and Automatic Controllers : Modelling of Turbine: First order Turbine model, Block Diagram representation of Steam Turbines and Approximate Linear Models.
Modelling of Generator ( Steady State and Transient Models) : Description of Simplified NetworkModel of a Synchronous Machine (Classical Model), Description of Swing Equation ( No Derivation) andState-Space II-Order Mathematical Model of Synchronous Machine.
Modelling of Governor : Mathematical Modelling of Speed Governing System Derivation of small signal transfer function. Modelling of Excitation System : Fundamental Characteristics of an Excitation system, Transfer function, Block Diagram Representation of IEEE Type-1 Model




Single Area Load Frequency Control : Necessity of keeping frequency constant. Definitions of Control area Single area control Block diagram representation of an isolated power system Steady state analysis Dynamic response Uncontrolled case.
Two-Area Load Frequency Control : Load frequency control of 2-area system uncontrolled case and controlled case, tie-line bias control




Load Frequency Controllers : Proportional plus Integral control of single area and its block diagram representation, steady state response Load Frequency Control and Economic dispatch control.
Reactive Power Control : Overview of Reactive Power control Reactive Power compensation in transmission systems advantages and disadvantages of different types of compensating equipment for transmission systems; load compensation Specifications of load compensator, Uncompensated and compensated transmission lines: shunt and Series Compensation.



Reference Books

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3. Power System Analysis and Design by J.Duncan Glover and M.S.Sarma., THOMPSON, 3rd Edition.
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