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     Students at the institution are always educated about future responsibilities they will have to handle as engineers and administrators later. With this explicit purpose, the NSS Unit of Vignan University was formed. Traditional classroom instruction is combined with community service to enhance the social consciousness of the students and encourage in them a desire for civic participation. The focus is therefore on community improvement by engaging students with public service.Both students & faculty, partner with the community for the development of the latter.This initiative connects the academia with the community by placing the institute's resources for the service of the community.

  • The institute's motto-Technology with Human Face- also exemplifies, the service philosophy of the institution.

  • In recognition of these efforts, His Excellency, The Governor of Andhra Pradesh awarded a Gold Medal to the Vignan's NSS Unit as a token of appreciation for the largest number of blood donation camps conducted by an academic institution for the year 2006.

  •      Thus, students at every step are encouraged to develop social concern and are oriented towards community interests.

  • The institute organises and conducts periodical health camps for the needy people of neighbouring villages.Buses are arranged to transport patients to the medical camps.

  • The patients are treated in the camp for their ailments and medicines are provided free of cost with the donations raised from staff and students.

  • Occasionally, the NSS volunteers also visit orphanages and old age homes and distribute fruits and other useful articles to them.

  • To mark the significance of important national events and national festivals,tree plantations are also carried out and the importance of afforestation is stressed on these occasions.

  • With the support of the School of Computing,the institute's NSS unit also conducts other community outreach and extension programmes like 'Train the Trainer' camps for Police personnel and Adult Literacy camps with the help of special software developed for that purpose.

  • The NSS unit is constituted by

  • A Program Officer and

  • NSS Coordinator from each department.

  • Program Officer: Prof K.V.Krishna Kishore.

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