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A University should offer high quality education and it should be a place of higher learning. University should nurture critical minds, and enable experimentation and research in the latest topics of interest to the professions and society. It should be a place for creating scientific temper and secular values for the country.

Vignan's University, near Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, is all about the above and more. Vignan's University has high standards of professional education combined with ethics and values. It endeavors to develop overall personalities of its students and scholars towards development of India. Students of current generation are born into a fast changing world. Hence, they should acquire adaptation skills along with academic rigor. Vignan's University has an eco system suitable for such achievements.

Vignan's University continuously strives to be in the forefront of technology education and rigorous standards. I advise all the students and scholars to imbibe and further improve the quality and values of the Vignan's University.

Dr. M.Y.S. Prasad

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